ACLIE 2023

Event types


Event types

ACLIE offers a diversity of event types to suit all attendees.

Full event descriptions are available on the submissions portal.


Mkutano means gathering or meeting in Swahili. These sessions will draw all participants together and will be facilitated by the conference organisers, advisory council and scientific committee.

In the Lions’ Den

This will be a series of dynamic sessions in which participants will present ideas or solutions, either imagined or already in use, to a panel of “Lions” who will offer feedback.

Integrated Issues

These will be 1.5 hour sessions curated by a consortium of attendees to discuss cross-cutting issues through a multi-disciplinary lens.

On the line

These sessions will allow for attendees to speak to what is at stake in Africa (in terms of species, ecosystems, people’s benefits etc.) if we do not rapidly scale solutions to linear infrastructure impacts. Presenters will also suggest pathways for how to deliver solutions.

Policy Props

Policy Props (Proposals) sessions will allow attendees to examine existing policies in Africa and suggest ways in which these policies can be improved or added to so that we can achieve sustainable linear infrastructure development.

Design Desk

Attendees will present on how impact minimisation interventions are designed, the processes, and who should be at the design table. They will provide a dynamic space for attendees to showcase any type of technology, proposed or in use attending to problems related to linear infrastructure and ecosystems.

Curriculum Corner

This space will be dedicated to the design of training content on linear infrastructure and ecosystems for various sectors and universities in Africa. This will support skills strengthening for decision-makers both now and in the future.

Day trips

3 day trips will be on offer on Wednesday (20th). Details of these will be posted here in due course and attendees will be able to choose their day trip on the registration portal.

Landscape visits

For those who are interested in visiting other parts of Kenya and learning about the unique contexts in which planning for linear infrastructure and ecosystems is ongoing, there will be 3 trips on offer from the 22nd-25th which will be hosted by local partners. 

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